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The Pain Stops Here – The Advanced Pain Care Blog

By Advanced Pain Care The hip is a common place for injury, and therefore a common place for fractures, especially in elderly patients. Women tend to experience more hip fractures than men post menopause, due to the loss in the female hormone progesterone, which supports bone formation.  The hip is a ball and socket joint that connects the upper part of the leg and the pelvis together. It allows for a lot of movement. But due to aging in all patients, bone density and joint elasticity decrease, causing strain on the hip’s mobility. Restricted mobility in the lumbar spine can also contribute

By Advanced Pain Care There are many reasons for chronic back pain. Sometimes, because the pain has prolonged over time and has affected the area for so long, it is hard to properly address it without seeking medical attention. Usually, chronic pain comes as a response to an injury incurred or from a structural problem at birth, i.e. from a disease like scoliosis.  If the pain derives from an injury, a simple sprain or strain from overexertion could run you the risk of chronic pain; or from something more distressing, like a fall or a motor vehicle accident.  You could also develop

By Nathalie Haggerty Compounding is a special technique that enables pharmacists to make a drug by combining or mixing ingredients, specifically for a patient, who may not be able to take a medication the way it was originally made by the manufacturer. The technique essentially customizes medications that would be otherwise unavailable via commercial manufacturing. At times, patients may not respond to the commercially available drug on the market, or they may only respond to a different form of medication. Or, patients could respond with an allergic reaction to the original medication because of its components, either because of its original

By Matt Sage CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol which derives from the hemp plant, along with medical marijuana. Unlike medical marijuana, which includes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not result in the “high” feeling. According to the World Health Organization, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependency. Given there is no evidence of health related problems associated with using CBD, it tends to be a good alternative to use for a variety of diseases related to physical, emotional, and mental pain.  Is CBD healthy and what can it be used for? It is hard to say categorically whether CBD is

By Sharon Black The majority of Americans live with some sort of pain, back pain being the most common. When I met Sharon, she was one of the many Americans that suffers daily with pain in her lower back and knees. It affected her mobility and her day-to-day activities significantly.  Upon my first assessment, Sharon was suffering from pain due to her facet joints, the joints that run along the back of her spine. I confirmed my first assumption was correct after I did x-ray guided nerve block injections which demonstrated that her facet joints were, in fact, the source of her

You undertook surgery to manage pain effectively. While the reason for the pain may vary, one thing that’s crucial to your recovery now is post-surgical pain control. Pain control after surgery should be a primary focus for both you and your physician. At Advanced Pain Care, we want our patients to experience a better quality of life after a surgical procedure. So, we take post-surgery pain management seriously. The better your pain is controlled, the more you will be able to engage in daily activities effectively. So, before you head back home, we’ll provide you with all the necessary instructions about

By Rey Ximenes, M.D. An addiction is a chronic disease. It is considered a chronic relapsing brain disease where the brain, particularly the pleasure/survival center, is being hijacked to consider the addiction or addictive behavior integral to your very own survival. This area of your brain is responsible for your “fight or flight” response. Addictive substances and/or behavior, such as sex, gambling, or over eating, stimulates that area of the brain and can increase dopamine sent to your brain receptors. These substances can actually stimulate this area of your brain as much as 1800% more than your usual behaviors necessary for

Have you ever wondered if your hips are healthy or not? If they feel fine, it's highly likely that they wouldn't cross your mind. On the other hand, when experiencing pain in the hip joint, getting rid of it might be your only concern throughout the day. As pain specialists, we at Advanced Pain Care regularly see patients looking for lasting hip pain relief. Men and women of all ages feel hip pain due to a variety of reasons like arthritis, pinched nerves, or fractures. Depending upon the cause, you will feel a stiffness in this area. Apart from that, it

Do you experience chronic pain? Well, you're definitely not alone. Count yourself among the 50  million U.S residents (1) who endure persistent pain. Deep muscle pain, painful tender points, and unending back and neck aches are all symptoms of fibromyalgia. The pain occurs because the condition impacts your muscles and tissues, leading to widespread chronic pain and tenderness.  For those seeking relief, finding help surely feels like a challenge. We at Advanced Pain Care have been helping patients dealing with this condition for many years now. We understand fibromyalgia and assist you in managing it effectively. We use a multipronged fibromyalgia

By Brad Culling, D.O. When I talk to my patients about their acute pain, I encourage them to seek out natural remedies and strategies first. These can be very effective for tackling and managing your pain so that it lowers your need to see a doctor. Of course, if your pain is prolonged and persistent, affecting your quality of life, then it may be time to seek medical help. This is any chronic pain that persists longer than 6-8 weeks and no other remedies are working to affect your pain. At that point, see your doctor and they can help you