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Advanced Pain Care — Austin (South)

Have you been living with constant pain and holding yourself back from the life you deserve to live?

Advanced Pain Care’s center in Austin, Texas, has everything you need – with pain care specialists and state-of-the-art equipment, we facilitate the best care for pain management. Whether you have been experiencing acute pain or have had a history of chronic pain, our pain management specialists can provide an accurate diagnosis and help you live the life you deserve. Get in touch with us today!

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Diagnostic Services

The right diagnosis helps in managing the pain. At Advanced Pain Care in Austin (South), we have a variety of options to help diagnose the cause of pain:

  • Digital X-Rays


“Love APC, Dr.Malone, and all his staff. He has handled my pain since 2005 and it has always been done with caring and professionalism. Thank you Dr. Malone and Shaun at the South office. You are both awesome.”

— Marie Jackson

“Dr. Lee and co workers are the best friend and great at their job if you need a specialist call Dr. Lee.”

— Terry Acha

“I was very impressed by the care and knowledge of the staff. The organization of the office and how they handled the flow of patients was very impressive. Dr. Paterno was amazing. He was very caring and understanding. He listened to me carefully and reviewed my history carefully and came up with a wonderful treatment plan. I’m so glad I came to Advanced Pain Care.”

— Beth Coyle

How does It work?

Once we identify the root of your pain, we can apply the best pain treatments, addressing the actual problem areas and not merely the symptoms.