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Post-Surgery Pain

Post-Surgery Pain Treatment
Post-Surgery Pain

Sometimes, after undergoing surgery, patients continue to experience pain that is either related to or caused by the surgical procedure. Post-surgery pain is often described as a sense of discomfort or vague ache. This discomfort is often a result of the hyperstimulation of the central nervous system due to surgical trauma.

Post-surgery pain in not the same pain which occurs shortly after surgery. It is completely normal for the surgical site to hurt for a few days following surgery and temporary tissue swelling around the surgical site is typical. However, persisting pain days and weeks after the surgery is not normal.

How Does the Disorder Occur?

Post-surgery pain can occur in any type of operation, whether inpatient or outpatient. Discomfort can result from both major and minor surgeries. In some cases, people undergo surgery to relieve existing pain only to end up with additional problems. This is a somewhat common occurrence for those undergoing back surgery to relieve back pain. In fact, post-surgical pain can be just as problematic as the issue(s) that required surgery in the first place. The condition is understandably frustrating for the patient and it can even increase the risk of future post-surgical complications. Serious conditions may hinder a person’s ability to return to their daily activities.

Post-Surgery Pain Treatment Options

Depending on you specific circumstances, our doctors may recommend pain medication, epidural pain control, or other alternative pain treatments. If you are suffering from abnormal pain following a surgery, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as possible. Request an appointment with one of our physicians to begin the process of healing. We have locations in Austin, Round Rock, Waco, Georgetown and Cedar Park to serve you.