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Advanced Pain Care — Amarillo (34th)

Advanced Pain Care has two locations serving the Amarillo region for all pain management consultations and treatments.

If you live near our Amarillo 34th avenue location, get in touch with us to begin your journey toward a pain-free life. Our center in Amarillo, 34th avenue, has a team of expert pain care specialists with experience in all different types of pain management and physical therapy. Call us today!

You can easily schedule an appointment with our team of pain management doctors in Amarillo on 34th Avenue.

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“Very thorough. Dr. Taylor is friendly and caring, and knows his business.”

— Tom Campbell

“Dr. Taylor and his staff are wonderful. Dr. Taylor takes time with his patients to come up with an excellent treatment plan. He works with you so that you can achieve your pain free goals.”

— June Halligan

“Dr. Taylor is a very personable and caring physician. He takes the time to sit down and talk with his patients. He does not talk to you while typing into a computer. I would highly recommend this physician for your pain care needs.”

— Starla Gordon

How does It work?

Once we identify the root of your pain, we can apply the best pain treatments, addressing the actual problem areas and not merely the symptoms.