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Advanced Pain Care — Lockhart

Our Dedicated Experts at Advanced Pain Care Clinic in Lockhart are Committed to Empowering Your Health and Confidence.

Tired of battling pain day in and day out? Find relief at Advanced Pain Care in Lockhart. We offer precise diagnoses and effective treatments for pain management. Conveniently located, our center provides complete personalized care. Our skilled doctors are here to help you break free from the exhausting cycle of ongoing acute or chronic discomfort. 

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“I have been very happy with their determination to help me with the nerve pain in my back. We are making progress and I’m confident they can get me back to feeling good again.”


The doctors and staff are great here. They have always listened to me and done everything they could to help with my pain.


Doctor Available at Our Lockhart Location

Pain Management

Dr. Feroz A. Osmani, M.D., practices as an Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Medicine Physician in Central Austin. He adopts a holistic approach to patient care, aiming to cultivate enduring relationships and strategies for restoring function, ultimately enhancing overall well-being and happiness.

Specialty: (Pain Management)

Phone: (512-244-4272 (4APC))

Email: ([email protected])

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After a thorough diagnosis of your pain, we plan out the best treatment to promote your healing journey.

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