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June 2023

28 years ago, Lawanda fell down a flight of stairs. And while doctors handed her some medication and a boot and said it wasn’t broken, every four to five months, she’d feel pain in the same area. Finally, she went to the doctor again when it seemed to last longer than it normally did. She got a screen in her ankle, because her foot has started turning inward, and eventually got surgery of two rods put in her foot. Since her injury, Lawanda’s husband had a spinal cord stimulator put in that yielded tremendous well for his back, leg, and knee pain. But

Angie’s Back Injury For 15 years, Angie has been on the clinical side of healthcare. Day in and day out, she’d work in the operating rooms and treatment rooms, until one day when she was helping a doctor with a heavier patient. As he was falling off the table, she scooped down to help him, and all of a sudden, felt a *pop.* An intense pain shot down her right leg, and immediately, she knew something didn’t feel right. As soon as she was able to, she found a pain care clinic where she started going through a series of injections, as she