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Advanced Pain Care is pleased to offer neurosurgery services for pain relief.


Working in association with Advanced Pain Care, our neurosurgery experts implant spinal cord stimulators, intrathecal pain pumps and peripheral nerve stimulators, minimally invasive spinal decompressions and discectomies.

Spine Surgery

Our neurosurgeons bring years of training, research, and experience to provide the ideal treatment for spinal conditions. Beginning with a conservative approach, our surgeons incorporate spinal surgery when it is the best solution. In partnership with Advanced Pain Care, multiple specialties can be part of a patient-centric treatment plan. These include physical therapy, rehabilitation and pain management.

As a group, the goal of Advanced Pain Care is to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients within a culture of service and care.

Spinal Disorders

Here are some common spinal disorders treated by our neurosurgeons at Advanced Pain Care:

To ensure you have the best level of care possible, Advanced Pain Care’s Neurosurgeons work with neurologists, physical therapist, physiatrists, and pain management physicians.

Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Our experts have performed a large number of peripheral nerve entrapment surgeries – primarily carpal tunnel releases and ulnar nerve decompressions/transpositions.

Our Board Certified Neurosurgery Specialists

Advanced Pain Care’s specialists bring extensive clinical and research experience to our team of expert pain care physicians and provides our patients with the highest quality of care.