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Failed back surgery syndrome

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope After Failed Back Surgery

Back surgery is the most common treatment for chronic pain that has failed to respond to other treatments. However, surgeries may not always give the desired results due to factors like individual variations or underlying complexities. Patients might experience a failed back surgery when the procedure doesn’t lead to the expected relief or improvement in symptoms. This can be discouraging, but you should stay hopeful and explore alternative paths for healing and pain management. Talking to pain care specialists to learn more about other treatment options can help in finding the relief you deserve.

Advanced Pain Care can provide relief when back surgeries have failed to do so by specializing in various pain management services and advanced treatment options. We understand your concerns and are committed to offering the support and expertise to help you get back to an active lifestyle. Our team of experts, including pain management specialists and neurosurgeons, is dedicated to guiding you toward managing chronic pain after surgeries. Book an appointment with us today!

Understanding Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) is experienced when a patient continues feeling back pain, even after having one or more spinal surgeries, causing discomfort.

A back pain surgery might fail because of procedural errors, such as improper technique/instrumentation, incorrect diagnosis leading to surgery that addresses the wrong issue, or the recurrence of symptoms due to underlying conditions not adequately addressed during operation.

Having FBSS doesn’t mean you’ll be physically restricted forever.  Treatment options are available, including non-surgical interventions like physical therapy, medication management, and lifestyle changes. Moreover, if a previous operation does not provide the desired results, Revision surgeries or alternative procedures can offer the desired relief and help in recovering from chronic pain.

Reasons for Not Losing Hope

When dealing with unsuccessful back surgery and chronic pain, it’s natural to feel discouraged. However, there are reasons to stay hopeful and look at other options. At Advanced Pain Care, we encourage our patients to have a positive outlook and consider the following:

  • Understanding the Root Issue: Figuring out the root cause of the pain with an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment plan can effectively manage and relieve symptoms. This also helps avoid unnecessary treatments that may not address the real problem.
  • Exploring Advanced Treatment Options: Modern medical innovations can provide a wide range of treatments, including advanced procedures and therapies that offer new pain relief and recovery possibilities. These options are continually improving, giving hope for better outcomes.
  • Taking a Personalized Treatment Approach: Treatment plans based entirely on your individual needs and conditions improve results. This approach considers factors like medical history, lifestyle, and preferences, ensuring an all-inclusive and effective treatment strategy.
  • Considering Second Opinions and Further Diagnosis: Getting opinions from different healthcare professionals gives varied perspectives, leading to new ideas and alternative treatments that can bring hope and progress. Working together with your specialist can improve failed back surgery syndrome pain.

Some Alternative Solutions for Failed Back Pain Surgery

You can manage back pain after surgery with several solutions that provide relief and support. Some options you might consider are:

  1. Physical Therapy and Exercise Programs Therapeutic and exercise sessions can strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, enhance overall spinal health, and manage back pain after surgery.
  2. Pain Management Techniques – Opting for pain care, such as medication and injections, can help ease discomfort and cope with post-surgery back pain.
  3. Chiropractic Care – Seeking chiropractic care involves manual adjustments to the spine, aiming to fix alignment and reduce pain, offering a different way to manage back pain.
  4. Acupuncture—For those seeking other options, acupuncture, which uses thin needles to stimulate specific points on the body, offers potential relief from back pain.
  5. Mindfulness and Meditation Practices – Embracing mindfulness and meditation practices can promote relaxation, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being, indirectly helping you manage back pain after surgery.

At our pain care centers, you can get a thorough consultation with a back surgery doctor to explore and choose the most suitable treatment for your failed back surgery.

Case Studies

Here are some inspiring recovery stories from our patients who sought effective pain management and to live life to the fullest.

#1 Angie’s journey with back pain began after an incident while working in healthcare, and she underwent five surgeries yet continued to see no result but a paralyzed right leg. After experiencing severe pain, medication side effects, and the fear of potential disability, she sought help at Advanced Pain Care (APC) and discovered a less invasive solution. Discover how Angie found relief with innovative techniques at APC.

#2 Chester Jones, an APC patient ambassador, shares his transformative journey from enduring chronic pain to experiencing life-changing relief. Despite years of unsuccessful treatments, APC provided him with effective pain care, leading to a significant reduction in medication dependency. Jones, a veteran, emphasizes the importance of pain relief, citing staggering statistics on chronic pain’s prevalence. Know his inspiring battle against pain.

#3 Dennis P.’s success story with a spinal cord stimulator showcases the transformative power of effective pain management. Initially relying on high doses of opioids that left him debilitated and struggling with side effects, Dennis turned to Advanced Pain Care (APC) for alternative solutions. Explore how he overcame challenges on his way to a normal life again.

Get the Best Doctors to Treat Failed Back Surgery at Advanced Pain Care in Austin, TX

Even after setbacks, failed back surgery isn’t the end but a step forward in your healing process. Our doctors at Advanced Pain Care are ranked among “the best back surgery specialists near me” in Austin and nearby areas. We help you maintain a positive mindset and resilience by offering alternative therapies and personalized care.

We use advanced diagnostic techniques such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, nerve conduction studies, and various treatment options to ensure you receive the best care for your condition. Schedule a consultation with us today to explore your options and take control of your healing journey.