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A Life of Pain

The challenges of pain, and the relief you can receive.

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, it may help to know that you’re far from being alone. Experts estimate that some 100 million Americans are living with chronic pain right now, a number that dwarfs rates of other better-known conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Yet treatment for chronic pain isn’t given the same level of attention. Changing that by raising awareness and bringing compassion back to the pain management field is a shared goal across our community.

About Pain Management

The pain management industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a research field in the 19th century. Back then, physicians struggled to understand pain as a condition, and the prevalence of spirituality as a healing tool made it tough to get support for new medical studies. The first major step forward happened when Johannes Muller, a German physiologist, submitted groundbreaking work on pain transmission.

In the many decades that followed, we’ve learned a lot more about pain, how it travels and how it can be treated effectively. Today, pain management is a growing and widely respected industry that aims to treat conditions as diverse as spinal injuries, migraines and muscle spasms. At Advanced Pain Care, our own family of clinics in Austin and Central Texas, we draw on years of experience and medical research to deliver personalized pain relief to everyone from accident victims to cancer sufferers to post-surgery patients.

The Road to Overcoming Chronic Pain

For the thousands of Americans living with chronic pain, every day is a struggle. Ordinary tasks, like taking care of children, going to work or grocery shopping, often turn into agonizing chores that leave them feeling drained and discouraged. If you can relate, know that there’s hope for help. While opiate-based pain medication has been blamed for an increase in addiction on the street, it remains an invaluable treatment option for people with serious conditions. When prescribed by experienced medical professionals in a controlled medical setting, opioid drugs are proven to deliver significant pain relief with minimum side effects.

Keep in mind that you may not need strong prescription painkillers to reduce your pain. In many cases, traditional over-the-counter medication can be combined with physical therapy, cortisone injections and other treatments for fast pain relief that lasts.

Your doctor will need to evaluate your condition to create the best pain management plan for your unique needs. In the meantime, light aerobic exercise, meditation and massage therapy can help you keep your pain under control until your appointment.

Are you exhausted from living with chronic pain? Visit Advanced Pain Care or contact us directly to get started on your personalized pain management plan.