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April 2023

By Dr. Jenna Lane, M.D. Back pain during pregnancy is common. In fact, nearly 80% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. You may experience back pain because the weight of your baby is adding more pressure to your pelvic region, and changing your posture. Progesterone is a hormone that maintains pregnancy. Progesterone in combination with the hormone relaxin, relaxes the ligaments around the pelvis, which makes pregnant women more susceptible to back pain. You may have just entered your third trimester, and the weight of the baby adds stress to your lower back. Due to your growing belly and breasts causing a shift in

By Jennifer Falzone, PT Since starting our Advanced Physical Therapy practice in November 2022, our team (of two!) has been excited to welcome new patients into APC for all their physical therapy needs. We service all populations, from pain to orthopedic to neuro to rheumatology, and I have to say, the moment I started working with APC, I felt the integrative, collaborative approach that makes me feel confident that we can all make good decisions for our patients as a collective of pain care specialists working as a team. The Patient Experience at Advanced Pain Care The key that many patients are starting