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December 2022

By Allen Dennis M.D., M.S. and John Gavurnik  Post-amputation pain is very common and can be quite a difficult chronic pain to manage, given you are managing pain for a limb that no longer exists. When a limb has been amputated, the peripheral nerves that have been severed can continue producing additional impulses to the spinal cord. This produces a “phantom” pain that can be debilitating and disrupt a “normal” quality of life, in addition to the challenge of managing the loss of a limb.  At APC, we see phantom limb pain as a unique disease process that deserves extra care. Our

By Bradley Wisler M.D. Currently, there is a lot of debate around what is considered Fibromyalgia, its causes, and its derivation. With the growing research, we do know that it is a very real condition and not one that is made up or an overreaction. It is not linked to people with brain disorders or necessarily those who have psychological disorders. However, if you do suffer from anxiety or depression, you are more likely to develop fibromyalgia.  It tends to affect more women than men and usually starts in middle age, with an increased likelihood of getting it as you get older.