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October 2022

By Clayton Adams, M.D. Neuropathy is a dysfunction usually occurring in the peripheral nervous system or the nerves that are located outside the brain and spinal cord. It can manifest itself as pain, weakness, and numbness. Whereas neuralgia is just nerve pain where the patient may feel a burning, tingling, pins and needles, and electric shock sensation that can occur with the lightest form of stimuli. Neuralgia is a type of neuropathy, but neuropathy tends to affect the motor components, such as causing slow digestion, nausea, or light-headedness.  Both denote conditions that affect the nerves and may cause pain wherever the nerve

By Paul Le, M.D. Most patients are going to experience some degree of postoperative pain. Of course, everyone’s pain threshold is different, and pain may be more prolonged depending on the surgery. However, postoperative pain management can be done from home and with remedies that can support them in getting back to a normal functioning level. Remedies to consider directly after surgery Consider alternating between heat and ice around the affected area after surgery. Heat can soothe and relieve the pain, and ice can help reduce swelling and inflammation. It is important to be careful of the incision site and not place direct