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August 2022

By Advanced Pain Care The hip is a common place for injury, and therefore a common place for fractures, especially in elderly patients. Women tend to experience more hip fractures than men post menopause, due to the loss in the female hormone progesterone, which supports bone formation.  The hip is a ball and socket joint that connects the upper part of the leg and the pelvis together. It allows for a lot of movement. But due to aging in all patients, bone density and joint elasticity decrease, causing strain on the hip’s mobility. Restricted mobility in the lumbar spine can also contribute

By Advanced Pain Care There are many reasons for chronic back pain. Sometimes, because the pain has prolonged over time and has affected the area for so long, it is hard to properly address it without seeking medical attention. Usually, chronic pain comes as a response to an injury incurred or from a structural problem at birth, i.e. from a disease like scoliosis.  If the pain derives from an injury, a simple sprain or strain from overexertion could run you the risk of chronic pain; or from something more distressing, like a fall or a motor vehicle accident.  You could also develop