Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation, also referred to as neurostimulation therapy, works to relieve pain by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain. This procedure pulses electrical signals to the area surrounding the spinal cord. It is often used to relieve lower back pain and leg pain.

The neurostimulator is a small, pulse generator which is implanted just beneath the patient’s skin near the spinal cord. The patient is provided with a control to turn the neurostimulator on and off as needed. This control can also be used to adjust the levels of stimulation the patient experiences. The electric pulses produce a mild, tingling sensation in the place of pain.

Unlike many other surgeries, spinal cord stimulation is completely reversible. At any point in time, the patient is able to turn off or even completely remove the neurostimulator.

Dr. Malone Explains How Spinal Cord Stimulation Works:

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