Robert S.

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

I've told many people including Dr. Malone that APC saved my life (which is an exaggeration of course,) but the treatment I’ve received from Dr. Malone and his staff have allowed me to live an active and mostly pain free life these past 10+ years.

For many years before becoming a patient of Dr. Malone my first thought upon waking was the pain in my legs and as it was also the last thought before falling asleep most nights. I had put off going to pain management for many years trying massage, yoga, supplements but nothing seemed to work for more then a short time. I will never forget my first appointment with Dr. Malone as he really listened to me and from the questions he asked me I knew he had read my medical history and had specific knowledge of my condition which is rare in my experience. He took the time to make sure I understood the plan to treat my pain and to even sign a contract. My pain is no longer the most important

Or controlling part of my day and I have been on the exact same plan for 3+ years.

Anthony, my present PA also took the time learn my medical issues treats me with respect every appointment.

In these times of negative Opioid news I am so glad I went to APC and they are professional and careful. To all the people complaining about the wait times and appointment issues I don’t totally disagree but with all the regulatory issues I can understand why some appointments go long and we have to wait more ideal but I am glad they are careful.

Again thank you Dr. Malone and Anthony,

Robert Smith Nov 9, 2017