Robert Griesen

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

“I feel like Dr. Malone and his staff are part of my family. They have made me feel so much better and made such a difference in my life. Everyone is friendly and professional,” says Robert Griesen.

In 2005 Robert visited his primary care physician because of a problem he had with his shoulder. He was told to exercise more and that it should improve. However, the pain increased to a point they he couldn’t move his shoulder. He is a construction superintendent for truck drivers who pave highways. Not only was he miserable, but he couldn’t work. He was referred to a specialist who gave him cortisone shots, but they didn’t provide any relief. Robert researched the internet and looked in the phone book where he found out about Mark Malone, M.D. at Advanced Pain Care. When he called to schedule an appointment, the staff worked him into the schedule to see the doctor right away. Dr. Malone listened carefully to him describe his problem and told Robert he thought he could help him. First, he had an MRI which revealed that he had two herniated discs. Then Dr. Malone gave him oral medication and followed that with an injection. For the first time Robert felt relief from his pain. Now Robert visits Advanced Pain Care once a month. He only takes medication at night, if he needs it. Life is better. Not only is he comfortable doing his job, but he can spend quality time with his wife and two sons. Robert is also able to pursue his hobby of entering sweepstakes and fishing.