Mike Flippen

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

Mike Flippen knows what it is like to live with constant, severe pain. He was working with the Texas Youth Commission in Giddings in December 2009 when he was injured trying to restrain an extremely combative youth. During the incident, Flippen was kicked repeatedly, including directly in the face. Afterwards, he didn’t seek medical help, thinking a dislocated finger was the extent of his injuries. However, two months later he passed out while driving. An MRI revealed that the kick to his face had caused slow internal bleeding behind his eye, which resulted in nerve damage in his neck, shoulder and arm.

As the immediate pain from the assault began to fade, chronic pain caused by the nerve damage remained. “The only way I can think to describe it is like having barbed wire dragged around my head, neck, across my shoulder and down my arm,” says Flippen. “The pain can be so intense sometimes that it makes me throw up.”

Doctors referred Mr. Flippen to Advanced Pain Care, an Austin-based pain management clinic that specializes in diagnosing and treating chronic pain. During his visits to Advanced Pain Care, Flippen was given two spinal injections to treat the nerve damage and medication to help with any residual pain. Flippen says, “Advanced Pain Care was the only thing that kept me out of the hospital.