Lynda Turner

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

Thousands of patients have been treated at Advanced Pain Care, giving people like Lynda Turner the opportunity to live without pain. “I had given up on living a life without pain,” says Turner a loyal patient of Advanced Pain Care. Turner had previously had surgery to correct her incessant pain, but the surgery was not successful. After three painful attempts to correct the problem, Turner was left with pain “100 times worse than it was prior to the surgery.” The pain was so severe she could not walk. Lynda Turner called Advanced Pain Care, where Dr. Malone diagnosed her pain and prescribed a pain patch for the severe nerve damage and scar tissue in her back. Under his care and treatment, she was able to walk and eventually return to work.

The future looks bright for those who suffer from chronic pain, especially as more attention and resources are being devoted to pain management. Breakthroughs in treatment and care are continually being made, giving renewed hope to patients.