Deborah Newcombe

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

“I feel very supported by Dr. Malone and the staff of Advanced Pain Care. He is a very soft spoken, kind, diligent, and thorough man, who pursues the best care for my condition,” says Deborah Newcombe. She has degenerative discs in her neck. Her primary care physician initially tried physical therapy. He sent her to Dr. Malone, when that did not relieve the pain. Dr. Malone looked at the MRI and told her anyone of three different places were in poor enough condition to cause severe pain.

Initially, Dr. Malone gave her three spinal injections and several trigger point injections which helped. After a time the injections did not provide as much relief. He has been willing to try different pain relievers to at her need and comfort level. They have experimented with a patch. She is also seeing a chiropractor and going to physical therapy again. It may take a while to get the right balance of what works best for her pain management. In an effort to and additional methods of medicine to help alleviate pain, Dr. Malone does not hesitate to refer her to any doctor or therapy. This gives her hope.

According to Deborah, “I appreciate the fact that Dr. Malone has taken my condition seriously. He never seems frustrated with me. He believes I am being honest about my pain. When I am in pain I have a difficult time getting ready for work and I certainly don’t desire to do fun unnecessary activities. The thought of spending another 30 years in pain holds no anticipation. Dr. Malone has made it possible to put my heart back into what I love to do.” Deborah enjoys her job as a Volunteer Coordinator at AseraCare Hospice. She loves serving patients and their families. She has a better quality of life and can enjoy time with her family and friends.