Cindy Timms

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

“Dr. Malone was tireless in his efforts to help me. He validated my concerns and helped me emotionally. I quit feeling guilty about pain I couldn’t control,” says Cindy Timms. Ever since she can remember, her earliest childhood memories are of headaches. For years Cindy has had headaches. She had tried different medications, but they really didn’t work. As the Director of the drama department at Elgin High School, she has to be prepared to deal with kids all day long. She also has a daughter, 12, and a son, 8. The demands of her career and family don’t allow for much down time.

In 2004 she was diagnosed with colon cancer. When she was being treated for the cancer, which is now in remission, she didn’t experience the migraine headaches. The cancer medications were addressing her pain with her headaches. As soon as she was no longer taking the medication for cancer, her headaches came back with a vengeance.

She sought help from Dr. Mark Malone. “He knew just what to do. Not only is the pain minimized, but he helped me get over terrible feelings I have had for years. When you have a chronic pain, you start to feel embarrassed about the frequency and degree of pain. It is embarrassing and hard. Sometimes you think people don’t believe you or understand,” says Cindy.

After two years Cindy is feeling better. She has more mobility in her neck and shoulders. Overall, she is able to move better. Cindy says she has received injections, oral medications, a TENS machine for the pain and exercises designed to help the pain and strain on her neck and shoulders.

The theatre is her passion, both professionally and as a hobby. She believes she is a better teacher and knows she is a more involved parent. Snorkeling and swimming are also hobbies she enjoys with more frequency. In addition, she can work, relax, design and read without fear of a surprise headache. Cindy has her life back and is grateful to the staff of Advanced Pain Care.