Christine Hemingway

Patient of Advanced Pain Care

Dear Dr. Mark Malone and Staff,

I would like to take a moment to thoughtfully and honestly respond to your patient satisfaction survey because I believe it to be important.

Today was my forth appointment at your clinic. My first appointment was with Dr. Malone and the past three appointments were with Anthony. I would like to begin my impressions of your clinic by simply sharing my experience during my visits.

As I arrived at my first appointment and found the waiting room to be packed with peope and two thoughts went through my mind. First I felt like I was in a free clinic because there were so many people waiting to be seen. Second, I very wrongly assumed that the Doctors were running behind schedule and that it would most likely take a long time to get in to see the doctor. Both of these assumptions turned out to be very wrong. I was not only promptly called for my appointment but as my appointment began with Dr. Malone I had his undivided attention during the appointment. This same experience has held true for all of my appointments.

With that said I would like to share a few other observations. This is the first doctors office where I actually feel that the doctors honestly know what I am feeling in regard to my different pain situations as well as the emotional and every day living conditions that I have to deal with on a daily basis. I get a clear feeling of understanding and caring from the doctors as if they have been in my situation themselves instead of just trying to tell me something that they think I might want to hear. To put it another way, I feel like I am having an actual discussion with the doctors and being talked “with” instead of being talked “at.”

When I have left each appointment I felt that I had been “heard” and that the best decisions have been made between me AND my doctor regarding my situation.

The one aspect of my appointments that I find so valuable is the fact that Anthony always offers me literature to read regarding the subject that we have been talking about. My personality is such that I like to understand and research information for myself and by offering me the written literature it is extremely helpful. With not only understanding the topics which we discussed but it also helps to guide me to other information that I can follow up with on the internet.

While I am speaking about Anthony I just want to say to Anthony, thank you for letting me call you by your first name. I dounderstand that you have spent many years studying to respectfully be referred to as “Dr,” however, it has been my experience that too many doctors are more interested in their titles than being able to have an honest and open relationship between doctor and patient. It seems like such a small thing to even mention however when someone comes to you in chronic pain there is an even greater degree of respect for a doctor who is more interested in putting their patient at ease by offering that patient the opportunity to relax and relate on an open and personal level by simply being able to call someone by their first name. This shows the patient that their doctor has their best interest at heart.

In regards to the question on the survey “what can you do better?” Please keep the information sheet to a bare minimum with returning appointments. I bet if you were to ask your patients the worst part their appointment was, most would answer “filling out the paperwork over and over with every appointment. I realize that some of it is necessary however keeping it to a bare minimum would really help.

The main thing that I come away from your clinic knowing is that everyone there truly has an attitude of wanting to help you accomplish what you came for and that is ultimately relieving pain. Everyone always seems to have a caring and compassionate attitude and I cannot think of anyplace that having these attributes would be more important. Anyone who has been in management knows that this attitude comes from the top down. So for this I want to say thank Dr. Mark Malone. Your employees reflect your compassionate caring attitude of excellence.