Precision Nerve Injections

A precision nerve injection is a minimally invasive procedure used to relieve pain caused by inflamed facet joints or pinched nerves. It is often used to relieve neck pain or back pain. This treatment effectively relieves pain and results can last up to several months or even several years.

The injection numbs the medial branch nerves (the nerves that supply the facet joints with sensation). This allows a doctor to determine if the pain is actually coming from the facet joint. If the joints are determined to be the source of pain, the doctor will inject the joints with a combination of local anesthetic and steroid. If the pain is determined to be a result of a pinched or damaged nerve, doctors will inject in and around that particular nerve with the same combination of local anesthetic and steroid. All injections are done with the help of x-ray guidance to ensure the injection is as precise as possible.

Dr. Malone Explains How Precision Nerve Injections Work: