Physical Therapy

The physical therapy department at Advanced Pain Care focuses on the musculoskeletal needs of our patients.

The physicians, physical therapists and occupational therapists all work together with the patient (and his or her family members) to better aid in the recovery process. To begin, the physician will determine the extent of the patient’s injury or condition and, if necessary, the type of surgery required. Based on this initial medical evaluation, the physician may recommend physical and occupational therapy. The rehabilitation program is based upon this initial evaluation. The physician then provides the physical therapist with prescriptions for the patient’s recovery process. The physician will include a diagnosis if possible and provide a recommendations for treatment.

Treatment plans are designed to meet the both the patient’s and the doctor’s specific goals. The physical therapist develops a personalized exercise program for each patient based on their medical condition; the program may include a muscle strengthening program, a flexibility and general conditioning program, or a pain management program.