After Knee Surgery Pain Management Techniques

Before Knee Surgery – Available Classes

Some hospitals and special therapy centers offer education classes about pre-operative knee and other joint surgery. The information received will give patients a grasp as to what to expect after knee surgery. The surgery and rehabilitation will go much better if the patient knows what to expect. Topics that are covered at these classes are as follows:

  • Preparing for surgery – home and body
  • What to expect – hospital treatment and equipment
  • Method of pain control
  • Tips for performing daily living activities after surgery
  • Options for rehabilitation
  • Guidelines for physical activity

The chosen hospital will have a multidisciplinary joint surgery team, which includes nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists, who will teach the course. Questions can be asked so that the patients will feel knowledgeable about every element of the joint replacement procedure. An MRI or CT scan is completed before surgery to establish an accurate three-dimension archetype of the knee. The surgeon will establish a perfect surgical design using a unique computer program to create patient-specific devices for the patient’s knee. These particular instruments help the surgeon attain perfect leg alignment.

After Knee Surgery Therapy

After the patient’s surgery is over, he/she is usually allowed to rest for 1-2 days, but about the third day, the therapist will come into the hospital and get them started with simple exercises. These exercises, though simple, may still be quite painful for a new patient. Pain medicine is often given at this time to help the patient cope with these exercises.

When the patient leaves the hospital, he/she will go for therapy at a special center, and also will be given instructions for exercises to complete at home on a daily basis. These exercises are extremely important to keep the surgical knee flexible and not become stiff. Once a surgical knee becomes stiffened, it is more difficult to get it back to its original flexibility.

Pain Medication Can Help Stop Pain of Therapy

It often seems that the knee tends to not bend as it did before surgery. The patient should keep trying to bend it back and then stretch the leg out straighter each day. This therapy consumes a lot of time, but it is well worth it when the patient can walk as well as before the knee surgery. Also, if the patient has some pain medicine available, it is a good idea to take one tablet before getting into some difficult exercises. The benefit of the exercises will help the patient far more than the medicine will harm him.