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Bruno G. Lepore, MA, LPCS

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Bruno is a professional counselor with 17+ years of experience. He has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Mediator, and a Certified Critical Incident Debriefing facilitator. He is is trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities including EMDR, hypnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and acceptance commitment therapy. These modalities are proven to help patients come with a variety of problems and crises. His approach to treatment is collaborative, solution-oriented, and interactive. He is dedicated to empowering you to make changes that will improve your life. His mission is to make the difference. He believes that therapy should use the whole mind, right and left. in his spare time, he teaches martial arts, practices yoga and enjoys connecting to the outdoors and his friends. His motivation for being a therapist today is based on enjoying helping people and seeing the difference he can make in someone's life