Functional Restoration

The Advanced Pain Care Functional Restoration program is designed to help workers compensation patients suffering from chronic pain get back to work. It consists of ten to twenty treatment days. The average treatment day consists of six to eight hours of treatment, divided equally between physical and psychological modalities and group and individual modalities. Workers’ compensation and some private insurers cover most of these chronic pain management services, usually with pre-certification.

The current workers’ compensation guidelines establish specific conditions for patient eligibility to be included in the Functional Restoration program which is located at the Advanced Pain Care Round Rock facility at 2000 South Mays St. Some group sessions are devoted to education and skills training or processing and patients’ thoughts and feelings about their experiences and chronic pain. The group also participates in physical modalities and education as to the nature of their injury and recovery, getting them back to the quality of life they would like to enjoy. Dr. Ryan Van Eaton works with patients to assess their physical condition and work on the physical rehabilitation.

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Matthew Walden, PT, DPT

Matthew found is way into physical therapy through sports injuries of his own along with a little nudge from life itself. he has also devoted his time and skills in helping adults and children overcome the mental, emotional, and physical challenges of pain, genetic disorders, and all orthopedic impairments. Matthew holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. He has experience with Tai Chi, yoga, dry needling, myofacial release, deep tissue massage, and a variety of other therapeutic interventions. He continues to expand his knowledge base through a continuing education in order to bring the most relevant treatment protocols to his patients.

Being an avid outdoorsman and, self admittedly his own worst patient, Matthew understands the struggle of living with pain, physical setbacks, and the wear and tear the human body experiences from day to day. He strives to make every effort in taking the time to develop a relationship with each patient and their needs individually to be sure he brings the best health and wellness care they need. he takes pride and joy in his therapy as patients walk in with an ailment and he witnesses them experience relief, gain strength, and return to the activities hey enjoy. In his off time, he spends time with his wife and 2 children traveling, camping, biking, and playing. He lives by the moto " laughter is free medicine".